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August 12, 2009 (NAIROBI, KENYA) -- Ecosandals Television Premiers Here

January 30, 2008 (NAIROBI, KENYA) -- City-Wide Football Tournament To Promote Ethnic Harmony

April 14, 2004 (NAIROBI, KENYA) -- Levi Strauss & Co to Market Kenya's Ecosandals

June 20, 2003 (WASHINGTON, DC, USA) -- Ecosandals Co-founder Wins National Jefferson Award for Online Shantytown Development Project

April 16, 2001 (ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, USA) -- New Student-Run "Ecosandals" Website Uses Electronic Commerce to Promote Development in Kenyan Shantytown

March 14, 2001 (NAIROBI, KENYA) -- Korogocho, Kenya sandal project sells over $1500 in sandals produced in Kenyan shantytown in first three weeks online

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"I am a mother of nine, and an employee and shareholder of Ecosandals, a community-owned artisan group in Nairobi's Korogocho slums. Today, with the help of the African Growth and Opportunities Act, we sell fashionable, environmental-friendly footwear in five continents."
-- The Standard, August 6, 2009, "For me, Agoa is change to believe in"

"Ecosandals: de naam doet denken aan stoffige types met sokken in hun sandalen. Maar neem je een kijkje op de website van Ecosandals dan zie je een hippe, fleurige collectie sandalen en teenslippers."
-- Good Sense, April 2008, "Slippers en sandalen van autobanden"
Please Click here for English Translation: "Hip, flowered sandals"

The success of our little shantytown business on the Internet has turned more than a few heads in the global media. Here is a sampling of what they had to say about us:
"A youth football tournament could help ease ethnic tension in Kenya. CNN's David McKenzie reports.."
-- , February 12, 2008, "Kenya kicks for peace"

"An asset-based development project has been initiated in the Korogocho shantytown outside Nairobi, Kenya. The program is operated through Ecosandals Investment Limited (EIL)."
-- George Warren Brown School of Social Work, May 2007, "Asset-Building and Investment in Kenya: Small Pilot Project and Directions"

"All around super human Mathew Meyer started a recycled sandal company in Africa that directly benefits the natives who make them in a cooperative business in Nairobi."
-- Current TV, April 2007, "Sandals that Save"

"Ecosandals.com. That's the Internet Web site that's driving the international sales. And it's a dot-com that's on its way up, not out."
-- , August 26, 2001, "Kenyan Company Launches a Line of Environment-Friendly Footwear"

"De werkplaats waar uw schoeisel vandaan komt, ligt in Korogocho, een sloppenwijk in de Keniaanse hoofdstad Nairobi. De drie werkplaatsen zijn bezaaid met stukken afgedankte autobanden. Er hangt een doordringende rubbergeur, maar dat zijn de werknemers intussen gewoon."
-- Inter Press Service, February 2006, "Bestrijd armoede, koop op internet sloppenwijksandaal"

"Working in a neighbourhood reputed to be among the most depraved and crime-prone in the city, the project uses electronic commerce, creativity and hard work to enable the community to find a new lease of life."
-- Daily Nation, January 2006, "City slum firm uses internet to sell 'akala'"

"Since joining the dot-com two years ago, [sandal-maker Roselyne Egosangwa] has learned to make shoes and navigate the Internet, while earning enough money to support her five children. Unlike most people in Korogocho, who scrape by on less than $1 a day, Egosangwa, 41, has a job she loves and skills she never imagined...Ecosandals.com has created a handful of jobs and thrust a backwater workshop into the global economy."
-- Wired Magazine, June 2003, "Pulling Up by Their Sandal Straps"

"As the most fortunate of Korogocho families earns around a dollar a day, the profits from handcrafting ecosandals has made a significant difference to the small Kenyan community."
-- Earth Island Journal, Summer 2002, "Shantytown Recycles for Profit"

"Ecosandals, la prima attività di fabbricazione di calzature nel contempo solidale ed ecologica. All'origine, infatti, c'è il riciclaggio di pneumatici d'auto usati."
-- Libero (Italy), February 24, 2002, "Ecosandals in Kenia: Quando da un'idea nasce un'intera economia"

"The great tragedy of mass poverty begets a culture of recycling and reusing that many in the developed world would do well to imitate. That is the cornerstone belief of [Akala Designs]. And that is, in essence, the mission of Ecosandals.com."
-- Grist Magazine, January 14-18, 2002, "My week and welcome to it"

"'When Benson and I started the project, it was a dream, and the wish was to radically transform the way people live in that shantytown,' Project Director Matt Meyer says. 'We're still a long way from our goal.'"
-- Brown Alumni Magazine, November/December 2001, "Stepping Up: Helping poor Kenyans turn old tires into gold"

"It would be easy to say the Web site started several weeks ago by law school students in Michigan was their way of learning about entrepreneurship, selling, marketing and other general business principles. But those are mere byproducts of the real purpose behind the site and the project it supports in Kenya."
-- Peoria Journal Star, May 1, 2001, "East Peorian helps Kenyans through business Web site"

"Le projet permet à Fred de toucher, à 19 ans et pour les meilleurs mois, jusqu'à 5.000 shillings mensuels (près de 65 dollars). Soit environ l'équivalent du salaire d'un fonctionnaire débutant au bas de la hiérarchie."
-- Courier International, April 26, 2001, "Des sandales en pneus usés pour éviter la misère et la violence"

"The sandalmakers recruited from Korogocho...without the project could be idle, left doing antisocial activities in the neighboring Dandora dumping site, where thousands pick through trash heaps for old metal scraps or rubber to be resold for Sh10 or Sh15 [15 or 20 US cents]."
-- East African Standard, April 3, 2001, "Kenyan start-up sells 'akala' through the Net"

"Last month Ecosandals.com went online, selling the Korogocho products world-wide. Three weeks later, [Akala Designs] has plans to double in size as Ecosandals.com has sold over 1,500 US dollars in sandals throughout North America. On five different continents around the world over 2000 Internet users have visited Ecosandals.com and the site has accomplished such a volume of sales and website visits without spending a single dollar on advertising."
-- Panapress, March 23, 2001, "Slum tyre sandals project on Internet"

"In the sprawling seedy Korogocho slums of Nairobi has emerged a fresh breed of street boys whose lifestyle and mode of dress may have been changed forever by a unique rubber sandal-making project."
-- Pan African News Agency, September 18, 2000, "Ray of Hope As Slum Dwellers Embark On Sandal Project"

"An economic response to poverty in the Korogocho slums...with great achievements."
-- Kenyan Star (Nairobi, Kenya), August 15, 2000

"In the sprawling Korogocho slums has emerged a fresh breed of street boys whose lifestyles have been changed by a unique sandal project that recycles waste residents have used as a tool to lynch those same boys when caught engaging in anti-social activites."
-- People Daily (Nairobi, Kenya), September 14, 2000

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