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My name is Michael. I am one of the founders, designers and managers of Ecosandals. We are a business, owned and operated in a Nairobi, Kenya neighborhood called Korogocho. Things can be rough here. But we find the positive in Korogocho and surrounding communities and turn it in to a high quality brand for you to wear, on the beaches of Melbourne, to the shower in Mombasa, out shopping in Manhattan or to meet friends in Milan. Our goal is to provide you with quality footwear and other products with a purpose, products that bring you happiness and that help provide for our families.

People. Many know Korogocho and the surrounding neighborhoods, Mathare, Dandora, Huruma and Baba Dogo, as rough places to go. Lots of crime. Lots of disease. Lots of insecurity and corruption. We know these neighborhoods to be home. There is beauty here if you look for it. Through Ecosandals, we bring our beauty to you. The beauty of our people, of our diverse communities and cultures, communicated in the language of fashion forward footwear . People is not just us. It is you, our customer.

Profit. Ecosandals is owned by Ecosandals sandal-makers in collaboration with outside investors. We have organized our company so that we, the workers, receive the primary financial benefit from every sale. The goal is to provide high quality livelihoods, and your purchase contributes to that goal.

Planet. Ecosandals recycles. Every piece of footwear is produced using used automobile tyres collected from the streets of East Africa. Much of the fabric we use is wasted scrap. There are large trash dumping grounds in and around our neighborhoods. We see every day that when you provide for the planet, she provides back.

Sole Providers.We are a group with a common purpose -- providing you with fashion forward sandals from recycled materials while providing security and financial freedom for our families. Thank you for participating in our dream.





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I am Kwamboka, an Ecosandals shareholder and sandal-maker. Please hear my story (and don't forget to friend me on Facebook).

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